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Which law says pets need to be vaccinated against rabies?

from this question a comment (formatted as an answer) states that their cat had to be vaccinated against rabies by law. Which law says this?
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2 answers

Is it legal for my boss to require I take the covid 19 vaccine?

I'm from South Africa but we basically follow British/USA law so answers from any of those jurisdictions will be fine. I work in digital marketing. But my boss doesn't want us to work from home. ...
13 votes
3 answers

Would there be legal implications in the US to modifying a real vaccine card with fake info?

I know someone who received two doses of the vaccine, and so she has a real vaccination card. But she had substantial side effects from the second dose, and so doesn't plan on getting a booster. Her ...
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1 answer

What are a business's obligations now that the Biden (OSHA) administration has suspended enforcement of its business vaccination mandate(s)?

The Biden administration has suspended enforcement of its vaccination and testing requirements for private businesses after a federal appeals court halted the rules pending review. The Occupational ...
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Is Austria COVID vaccine mandate legal?

Austria plans to impose fines for those who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID19: Under the government’s plan, authorities will send out invitations to vaccination appointments to the 2 million ...