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How can there be two identical vanity plates in the same driveway?

I drive past a house each day on my commute. There are two cars parked in the drive, and each appears to have the exact same vanity plate (from the same state). It's a six-letter word, such as ...
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Previously owned car is now abandoned [closed]

I sold a car in January of 2022. The car was registered to the new owner legally at the DMV. Fast forward to April of 2023 I get a letter in the mail saying I’m the owner per their record and the car ...
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Can you inspect your own vehicle in Texas?

In Texas, with the proper licensing and training, is it possible to inspect one's own vehicle?
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Can I get national permit for my personal car in India?

I recently bought a new car (2 weeks ago). It is still in temporary registration. I am transferring to a different state (for around 2 years). Can I get national permit or some kind of permit instead ...
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Is it legal to obscure the address on V5C(W) (logbook)?

A family member has just purchased a car from an entity that was purporting to be a car dealer, and the V5C(W) (part of the document that defines the registered keeper) with which they were provided ...
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What is the procedure of buying a new car in the US( California)?

I am a new student in the US. I want to buy a car in cash and found one in the Facebook market. But I don't know what are the afterwards steps? 1- Should I give all the money in cash to the seller and ...
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How to do a Vehicle Re-Registration (Interstate Transfer) in India?

This question considers only the permanent move of a vehicle from one state to another in India. This earlier question discussed the process of getting the clearance from the originating Regional ...
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What are the rules of transferring the registration of a vehicle from one state to another in India?

When a vehicle is registered in a Regional Transport Office (RTO) in a state in India, one needs to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from that office before moving the vehicle permanently out of ...
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What is the difference between obtaining title to a car and registering a car?

In the United States, a person can obtain a government-issued "certificate of title" for a car. There is also a "registration" process, and there are registration forms. What is ...
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Is it legal to go take my license plates off a car I sold, without realizing I should keep my plates?

I sold a car a year ago in TX and didn't realize that I should take the plates off. The buyer has taken full advantage of this and is racking up lots of tolls in my name. Fortunately I'm able to get ...
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Can I become a resident without changing my car registration? Co-lessee and lease are in Texas; the car and I moved to Pennsylvania

Recently I moved to PA after graduating from WV. I, my car, and my car's lease (from a credit union) are from Texas. When I leased, my dad got on it with me so I could go through his credit union. He'...
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