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Questions tagged [vehicle]

Use this where a vehicle - for example, cars, trains, planes, boats - is essential to the question. Avoid using this just because a vehicle is involved.

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3 answers

Do you have to follow all the orders a police officer gives?

Saw a video on YouTube where a woman is being filmed in Walmart. From what I understood, she was being accused of shoplifting (I guess rolled the cart beyond the registers without paying?), and then ...
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Do the 'not responsible for windshield damage' signs on the back of gravel-hauling trucks actually provide immunity?

Everyone who has driven on the highway knows the frustration of being stuck behind that gravel-laden truck that is slowly leaking rocks as you hear the 'ping ping ping' noises of them bouncing off ...
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What if a spacecraft lands on my property?

In December 2020 Hayabusa2, a Japanese space mission, returned samples from an asteroid to Earth, landing them in the Australian outback. Now, imagine a scenario where the samples accidentally land on ...
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Can you drive without licence plates all across America?

There was a well-known controversy about the late Steve Jobs, who never had any number plates affixed to his AMG, supposedly still being in full compliance with California law, by supposedly leasing a ...
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Window Tinting rules and laws in visiting jurisdictions

If someone has a car registered, licensed and insured in a given U.S. state, and intends to travel across state and province lines, are they supposed to make sure that they're in compliance with the ...
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2 answers

Police questioning in Arizona regarding gun possession

Is it possible to legally have a firearm (handgun/rifle/shotgun) in a vehicle that a person is the driver of, and NOT tell the police in Arizona whether they have a firearm or not? According Arizona ...
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Are traffic signs on private property legally enforceable in Upstate NY?

Upstate NY here. You see them everywhere: private property parking lots (mall parking lots, Lowes/Target/Walmart parking lots, etc.) that have stop signs, handicap parking spaces, double yellow lines.....
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Legality of using a phone for GPS in Oregon

Oregon recently passed HB 2957 B, which modifies the law regarding using electronic devices while driving. From the text of the law, it appears to ban: (a) Holds a mobile electronic device in the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How long can a vehicle registered and owned by a person in one state be used in a different state?

My ex-husband has been using his sister's car that is registered in New Mexico, but he lives in AZ. I am concerned if this is legal now that my daughter will be staying with him for the school year ...
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Can I drive my friend's car without having car insurance myself?

I haven't owned a car for months, and I'm about to go on a road trip with a few friends. We want to split the driving between ourselves, but I haven't owned a car in months, so I no longer pay for ...
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How does federal law prohibit the disclaiming of express warranties?

According to the National Consumer Law Center "[e]xpress warranties cannot be disclaimed" per the Federal Used Car Rule of the FTC. However, the CFR § 455, et seq., provisions don’t appear ...
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Contract Date Vs Date of Possession

If all the paperwork to purchase a certified pre-owned car in TX is negotiated, signed & dated by the buyer and dealership. However, the buyer was not given physical possession of the vehicle ...
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What legal course is there with a bad neighbor?

I have a very bad neighbor. What legal recourse do I have? I feel like I'm stumbling in the dark. I find myself at a loss for an appropriate Stack Exchange site. Perhaps "workplace" or "parenting" ...
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What restrictions/limitations can take place to apartment parking mid-lease?

Backstory: I had moved into a new apartment back in February, 2015. The building was brand new, but the business running it doesn't seem to be. In the Summer of 2015, a music festival started taking ...
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