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Is it ethical for Victims Advocates to Be Paid By District Attorney Offices [closed]

I recently spent 2.5 years tied up in a case as a sexual assault victim. Since I had been intoxicated at the time I only had the knowledge that this person was over me and with his pants down, I asked ...
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What is the legality of police wielding obscurantist legal sophistry against the public?

Alice is at a protest and gets into an altercation with another group. She shouts various lawful slogans towards them, and they report her to the police who arrive, seeking to “deescalate” the ...
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How to get a criminal case moving forward as a victim of a crime? [closed]

About four days ago I was assaulted by an individual between the ages of 16 to 25. He struck me in the back of my head as hard as he could, as him and his friends passed me on bikes. I had heart ...
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Court decides that Rob must pay Alice. Is she obliged to take the payment?

Reading this article where a crime victim rejected a $200 payment that the court had ordered the offender to pay her made me think: what happens now? Is she obliged to take it? If she doesn't provide ...
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Do victims have a right to be informed of the follow-up or lack thereof on their crime reports?

Meet Alice. She was assaulted and reported this to the police while offering them evidence of the assault. They tell her the report has been duly noted, thank her for her time, and wish her a nice day....
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