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Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures, and related topics specific to the state of Victoria, Australia. For questions pertaining to the city in Canada, use the "british-columbia" tag.

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Is this fraud in Victoria?

A person knocked my neighbours house, an old lady who has been living there for many years. The person was a draughtsman representing the owner of an adjacent property. He claimed that he was ...
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Can the fact that debt is being collected be disclosed under Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012 section 45(j)

The Act states: "disclosing or threatening to disclose debt information, without the consent of the debtor, to any other person who does not have a clear and legitimate interest in the ...
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Is it blackmail to menace someone with reporting them to an authority if they don't comply?

Under the Crimes Act (Vic) it mentions that you cannot menace someone in order to obtain some benefit or to cause ...
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Australian laws to protect employees general skills against IP claims

I live in Victoria, Australia. When signing a contract for software development industries, the employers tend to write the contract agreement conditions too broad to protect their IPs. When searching ...
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What does "reasonable grounds" mean in this Victorian Law?

In Victoria Australia, this piece of legislation exists: PARLIAMENTARY PRECINCTS ACT 2001 - SECT 16 An authorised officer may direct a person to leave or not to enter the Parliamentary precincts if ...
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Can a brick fence be built outside the title boundary in Victoria Australia?

Does a brick fence have to be built wholly within the title boundary of the owner or can this tresspass onto an adjoining owners title, which while within the owner of the brick fence's common ...
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If my neighbour wants to build on the boundary line can he enter my property to construct it?

If under the Planning and Environment Act of Victoria is there any provision for the owner of an adjacent property to enter another property in order to build a structure on his property. The ...
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If my neighbour puts up a boundary fence wholly in my property can I remove it?

Under the Fencing Act in Victoria, if I am not given a fencing notice, and don't give my consent to a shared boundary fence being built (unless I get a fencing notice) and my neighbour invades my ...
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In Victoria are the police allowed to speed to pull over a car that is not attempting to escape from them?

This question is only concerned with the law in victoria. Let's say the traffic police spot a car, which is travelling at the speed limit, that they want to stop and question but the other car is on a ...
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