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Would it be legal to avoid Unity (Game Engine) licensing by having the end-user build the project

Is it legal (assuming US) if instead of paying for a proprietary software and accepting their terms and conditions for distribution, to require the user to own this proprietary software and use it as ...
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When does a videogame become a gacha game?

Recently I have been observing a lot of gaming companies pushing contents in their games that to my understanding should meet the definition of gacha. Yet, for some reason those games manage to avoid ...
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Is it okay to use a modified name of a well known brand in my game?

If for example, my game has a fast food restaurant in the world, can it be called WcDonald's instead of McDonald's to get around the issue of using a brand name? I see this being done in other forms ...
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Is Blizzard in violation of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 for not letting users change their account real name?

When a player creates an account in Blizzard asks for your real name but many players registered when they were stupid little brats and wrote some pretty dumb things. The problem is that ...
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Is it legal to use minecraft and minecraft mods in a for profit video?

Is it legal to make youtube videos about historical events using minecraft and minecraft mods? How to ensure the rule of fair-use is fulfilled when using these games and fan-made contents?
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Can I use the name "Guybrush" in a videogame I create?

As the question states. Can I use the name Guybrush for a character in my upcoming videogame? Also does it make any difference if this name is used for my main character or just some side character ...
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It is legal to create a video game featuring "murlocs"?

In the Warcraft universe, "murlocs" are fish-like living creatures that usually have a green or blue skin. It is legal to create a game featuring "murlocs" outside of Warcraft? (...
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