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Voir dire is the questioning of prospective jurors by the judge and attorneys in court. It is used to discover bias and other reasons for removing a juror.

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Are there any limits on being "overly selective" during Jury Selection?

Say Andy the attorney is trying to defend Nathan the Nazi in a criminal court case. During Jury Selection, where potential jurors are vetted, what is stopping Andy from saying that every Nazi-hater is ...
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Is the following case about jury nullification true?

Let's say that someone lied about jury nullification in order to get on a jury with the intent to nullify, and they then get indicted for perjury. If they just demanded a trial by jury, would the ...
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Can lawyers ask about, and discriminate based on, iPhone ownership during a case involving Apple?

In the lawsuit(s) between Epic and Apple, assuming it ends up in front of a (federal) jury, are the lawyers for each side allowed to ask potential jurors whether they have iPhones or Android phones; ...
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Protocol if juror cannot hear or see something clearly

If a sitting juror, or a prospective juror during voir dire, cannot see or hear something clearly, what is the protocol for the juror to alert the court of this? Say something immediately? Raise your ...
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Cyclist killed in hit-and-run; will cyclists be allowed on the jury?

In the near future, a motorist who allegedly ran down and killed a cyclist will be going on trial for the offense. Will the defense be allowed to (a) ask prospective jurors if they are cyclists, and (...
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Likelihood of jury selection procedure in this story

I had some questions about how jury selection works upon reading the following story that was shared to Facebook: A couple of years ago I got called for jury duty and made it through a couple of ...
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Requirement to disclose information during jury selection

During jury selection and you are a potential jury member, are you required to answer the question if asked whether you own a firearm or are a member of the NRA?
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Can a judge order a juror stricken for cause to return?

Can a judge order a juror to return for jury duty based on the juror's answer in voir dire? I observed the following in a Texas court. During voir dire a juror was asked, Would you hold it ...
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Can I ask potential jurors in a prima facie state if speeding is legal?

In some jurisdictions, e.g., Texas, driving faster than the posted speed limit is only the prima facie evidence of an unreasonable speed, where, if charged with a violation, one could still argue in ...
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How to do voir dire if you had taken a Driving Safety Course?

In Can you present a clear record if you do Driver Safety Course in Texas?, it was determined that after taking a Driving Safety Course, a record of such action is placed upon one's driving record. ...
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Can a potential juror plead the fifth?

I am interested in the law surrounding jurors. During juror selection (voir dire) a potential jurors can be asked questions to determine their suitability to serve on the jury. Is it ever legal for a ...
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Challenging jurors for cause based on beliefs in jury nullification

In the United States, is belief in jury nullification generally a valid reason to challenge a jury for cause?
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