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Why does a highschooler (in the US) who has turned 18 still need to have liability waivers signed by parents?

This is assuming that the waiver pertains to a school activity like a field trip.
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What's the easiest way to extend my J-1 grace period?

I'm a visitor from the EU to the US with a J-1 visa, and I'm currently in my grace period of 30 days before I need to leave the US. Unrelatedly, I already have an approved ESTA visa waiver (from about ...
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When entering into an agreement, is a term stating "you agree not to take legal action against us for damages" enforcable?

I know in settlement agreements there are provisions that basically state: You will not bring further legal action against the company. I guess this shows that a contract can prevent a party from ...
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Can "agreeing not to know anything" be enough to constitute "knowledge" of a waiver?

For example, if I waive my rights to know what you'll be doing with my internet search history, is that a knowing and intelligent waiver?
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What does it mean when an obligation is 'waived'?

A while ago, I received a LOD (Letter of Demand) for an amount of $380 with ABC-CO. I signed up for a service with ABC-CO 10 years ago and terminated the service 5 years ago. I have not received any ...
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Event waiver needed?

A relative has an event based business (LLC). So far, events for her group have all taken place in restaurants in the city where she resides. Our question relates to liability and need for a waiver, ...
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Are there no limits to damage waivers or would this go too far?

I am going to make vacation on Hawaii next week. For one day we booked a Ziplining tour. Just after the free cancelation date passed, I was sent a waiver which is required to be signed to participate. ...
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What are the contours / limits of waiver in Florida HOA law?

Are there any rules of thumbs as to what is waivable? or what is not waivable? How long one has to act in order not to be waived? It have observed that if one does not complain about the neighbors or ...
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Why do gyms in the US want their customers to fill out a waiver, rather than just having a sign on the wall about the T&Cs?

Whenever you participate in a gym or some other related facility such as a rock climbing gym, the business forces you to fill out an annoying long waiver where you promise not to sue them if you ...
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Is Trump's COVID-19 liability waiver enforceable?

In order to get tickets to Donald Trump's campaign rally this weekend, you're required to agree to the following waiver of liability: By clicking register below, you are acknowledging that an ...
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Overly Broad Sports Facility Liability Waiver

The University of California, Berkeley introduced a new liability waiver this Fall Semester. If students refuse to sign the waiver, they'll be barred from using the campus gym and other sports ...
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Fee waiver form with ambiguous 'or' in list of terms [closed]

I recently got a residential mortgage with the help of a mortgage broker and one of the contracts I signed was a fee waiver form. This form specifies that if I take out some kind of protection with ...
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Can I permanently waive all my past and future copyrights?

Is it possible to commit a "copyright suicide", for example to show disagreement with the system, by publishing a waiver (such as CC0, digitally signed to confirm it was really me who published it) ...
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If hit with a spamming/phishing scam, how should a company warn its customers? [closed]

Should a company consider writing up a waiver of liability before warning the recipients of a spam/phishing attack executed with one of its employees' credentials? What legal ramifications are there ...
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I have an Master Service Agreement without Statement of Work, is it valid?

Full Story I started working as indepent contractor for WeJustHiredYou INC. WeJustHiredYou provides software developers to RealClient. I have an MSA with WeJustHiredYou, but I always worked, for ...
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Data & privacy: what is the actual extent of this audio/video approval form?

In the context of a tech conference I'll attend, a big tech company is organizing a social event which requires to RSVP. The process involves a form, with an obligatory check box to the following ...
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Waiver of liability: can I be required to waive an institution from liability from its negligence?

A certain University in New Jersey is holding a conference and organising an afternoon of excursions and leisure activities. It requires that participants sign a waiver containing the clause (emphasis ...
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Blanket statement to avoid all liability

I am currently developing an app which facilitates an Assassin game in which players stalk and shoot their friends with water guns in order to win a monetary prize (as facilitated by whoever runs each ...
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What does this no waiver clause mean? [duplicate]

Owner's acceptance of rent with knowledge of any default by resident or waiver by owner of any breach of any term of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of subsequent breaches. Failure to ...
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Why would a landlord put the following in a residential rental agreement?

I saw the following in a rental agreement: Legal Proceedings: Landlord and Tenant agree that any action or proceeding arising out of or in any way connected with this agreement, regardless of ...
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Is a DoB required to waive injury rights?

Dance clubs (ballroom, jazz, ..) in the US and Canada sometime require participants to sign a waiver. Briefly, the waiver says: "Dancing is inherently risky. I hereby waive injury rights." Dance ...
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Media consent form for summer camp

We have a media consent form that parents have signed for the campers at our summer camp. The wording is as follows: The Participant identified below desires to participate in the [insert summer ...
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What can be the consequences of indemnification clauses in online terms of use?

A lot of online services prompt users to accept conditions of use that have clauses for indemnification that look very much like there is a chance that the user who pays for the service can possibly ...
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Why does this mention the U.S.?

There's a company near where I live called House of Air; it's a trampolining thing so, naturally, it has a waiver which explains as specifically as possible the many and varied ways you could ...
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Restrictions on Liability Waiver Use

The US National Park Service (NPS) has the following language. This is in the context of a commercial operator (like a white water rafting company) getting a commercial permit to take clients down a ...
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Can I waive my statutory rights?

I've noticed that Steam has recently added this bit of text to its review and confirm page: By clicking the button below to proceed you agree that Valve provides you immediate access to digital ...
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