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When entering into an agreement, is a term stating "you agree not to take legal action against us for damages" enforcable?

I know in settlement agreements there are provisions that basically state: You will not bring further legal action against the company. I guess this shows that a contract can prevent a party from ...
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Media consent form for summer camp

We have a media consent form that parents have signed for the campers at our summer camp. The wording is as follows: The Participant identified below desires to participate in the [insert summer ...
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What are the contours / limits of waiver in Florida HOA law?

Are there any rules of thumbs as to what is waivable? or what is not waivable? How long one has to act in order not to be waived? It have observed that if one does not complain about the neighbors or ...
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Is Trump's COVID-19 liability waiver enforceable?

In order to get tickets to Donald Trump's campaign rally this weekend, you're required to agree to the following waiver of liability: By clicking register below, you are acknowledging that an ...
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