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Does John Demjanjuk ruling theoretically jeopardize members of the US armed forces residing on German soil as parts of a "mass murder machine"?

Does this decision/ruling mean that an American soldier can not safely cross German soil due to universal jurisdiction? Practically speaking given the international political dynamics I don't suppose ...
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Would Ukraine humanitarian scammers be commiting war crimes?

A cambridge article has an abstract reading as Impeding humanitarian access and the starving of civilians is prohibited under international humanitarian law in times of both international and non-...
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Has "ideological payment" or "emotional payment" qualified someone as a mercenary in a Western or international court of law?

According to a certain rendition of the Russian viewpoints: The persons were motivated entirely by private gain, in this case the "feel-good" emotion that comes with killing Russians [...] ...
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Would it be legal according to the laws of war if Ukrainian forces killed Putin in Moscow?

We know pretty well where Putin will be on May 9: He will be the guest of honor at the Moscow victory day parade. As president, he is the commander in chief of the Russian armed forces. If the ...
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Are 'war crimes' written down in laws?

There's a lot of talk about 'war crimes' at the moment. I guess there must be   a international 'war crimes act' that says what's illegal like you're not allowed to kill civilians or use chemical gas ...
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When is a war not illegal?

In conjunction with the Russo-Ukranian War, many newspapers call the war an illegal war. I figured, any war would be illegal, since an attack on a sovereign nation seems to me the opposite of a legal ...
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2022: Is Ukraine at war with Russia?

What exactly needs to happen in order for these two countries to be at war? Is it enough that one of the two sides make a declaration of war?
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