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SAMSUNG refuses to honor their warranty. How to proceed?

I bought a SAMSUNG flagship Android device from the world's largest retailer (Walmart). The SAMSUNG device is now failing in multiple ways. I have repeatedly contacted SAMSUNG, and SAMSUNG refuses ...
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Electronics Goods Repair

Let's say I have an electronic product that is out of warranty. Now that the product is no more covered under warranty, shouldn't the respective company be responsible for providing services for ...
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Product failed under warranty. What can I do if the company ignores me

I purchased a product for about $80 which was advertised with a 5 year warranty. I am now in the 4th year of that warranty period and the device has stopped working. I have emailed the company ...
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What happens if a company denies repair of a digital device under warranty?

I hope I'm posting this on the right board. I would just like to ask for advice on this issue of mine regarding a telecom company (PLDT). So the thing is, My mother signed up for an internet plan with ...
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Is a certificate from a car dealership legally binding or can they unilaterally change the terms?

The car is purchased new from authorized dealership in New York State in 2014. To sweeten the deal, the dealership gives a certificate to buyer a certificate for free oil changes for as long as you ...
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Claiming costs if a faulty product causes property damage

I received a faulty sports product which broke during first use. The breakage was caused by incorrect fasteners being supplied with the product. The incident in question caused significant damage to ...
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Warranty Period: Until Malfunction or Until Contact

I have a pair of glasses from company X that spontaneously broke on 11/02/2020. Thinking in good faith that it was a fixable repair I made an appointment with my optometrist. Due to COVID-19 ...
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What legal remedies exist when a computer game crashes a computer?

If a company sells a video game that consistently crashes computers with a certain type of graphics card, does the law allow a consumer to force the game maker to patch the error or otherwise correct ...
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