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Obligation of sales firm to replace a customer's lost proof of purchase on request

I bought a laptop computer but lost my invoice reflecting the purchase. The computer failed after two months, and the selling firm refused to repair it under warranty as I could not produce proof of ...
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Is it legal for a company to make products specifically designed to fail immediately after the warranty expires? [duplicate]

Suppose that Bob's Electronics Company makes a smartphone with a one-year warranty. The phone's firmware has code which checks whether or not the warranty is current when booting, and if the warranty ...
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What is a warranty?

Most commonly we hear of consumer warranties, but what more generally or fundamentally does this concept denote?
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The HVAC company my warranty is through was bought out - does the new company have to honor the warranty?

I had my furnace replaced and AC installed by an HVAC company in May 2022. The quote stated that the work came with a 2 year labor warranty and 12 year parts warranty. In January-ish 2023 I noticed ...
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Samsung is not honoring Warranty [closed]

I bought a directly from Samsung a PC Monitor on Nov. 2020. I did try to submit a warranty service but when I go Samsung Website it says when I enter my serial number that my device is under warranty ...
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Anonymous manufacturers

Some manufacturers are not putting their names on their products: no contact numbers nor e-mail address for support to keep in touch with the manufacturer if something happens to your bought item(s). ...
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Can installing Linux on a computer void its warranty for a hardware problem that is obviously entirely unrelated to software?

I bought a new Windows laptop recently and immediately disabled Secure Boot and installed Linux. Today, a screw fell out of the laptop. Obviously, installing Linux had absolutely nothing to do with ...
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Bose faulty item replacement got lost

I had contacted support to replace a Bose item and I was sent a label to use at a drop off point. I have also taken a photo after the guy put a sticker on the parcel. Bose said I would have received a ...
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Can an HVAC installer's warranty be voided if another company works on the system?

After moving into a new home, I had a licensed HVAC company install a whole house humidifier. A few days later, a guy from the builder's HVAC contractor came out to address an airflow issue. When he ...
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How does federal law prohibit the disclaiming of express warranties?

According to the National Consumer Law Center "[e]xpress warranties cannot be disclaimed" per the Federal Used Car Rule of the FTC. However, the CFR § 455, et seq., provisions don’t appear ...
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Is a certificate from a car dealership legally binding or can they unilaterally change the terms?

The car is purchased new from authorized dealership in New York State in 2014. To sweeten the deal, the dealership gives a certificate to buyer a certificate for free oil changes for as long as you ...
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Replacement approved under warranty, but could not get replaced due to pandemic and now company says out of warranty

Assume a defective electrical product was under warranty, and as the supplier couldn't repair it they approved its exchange. However due to pandemic, the supplier was unable to procure the same ...
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"free" bundled items warranty in England

Hypothetical: A UK company advertises a service and promises a free gift for new subscribers. I enter the service contract with the company as a private individual and get the "free" gift. ...
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