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Questions tagged [washington]

Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the State of Washington, NOT Washington, DC. For questions pertaining to Washington DC use the "district-of-columbia" tag.

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How close from a bus stop sign am I allowed to park my car in Washington state?

I wonder how close from a bus stop sign I am allowed to park my car in Washington state. If that depends on the city, I'm interested in Spokane. If that depends on the county, I'm interested in ...
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Is There a Default Position on Beverage Refills?

This question was inspired by a 2014 case in South Carolina, where a man named Christopher Lewis was given a $525 ticket (later reduced to a warning) for refilling a drink at a VA Medical Center. In ...
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Do speed-limit signs on portable speed displays have legal force?

As a traffic-calming measure, the local police department will place portable "your speed is" radar units in various places. These have a display showing your current speed and, below it, an ...
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WA rules HOA and outdoor cats

Are HoAs in Washington state allowed to ban outdoor cats and restrict cat owners to keep cats indoors only? Thank you
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In washington state can a landlord suddenly rescind an agreed rent renewal with no forewarning?

First section below is the detailed scenario of the requested relevant law(s), and below that is the questioning of the scenario's legality: Abby has a lease that ends in May, and was offered a lease ...
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Criminal transmission of COVID-19? Knowingly exposing vulnerable individuals

This is a related question. The difference here is that the other question is asking about criminal negligence; someone doing something without considering the harm it may cause. My question is about ...
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In Washington State, is a petition void or nul if there's no judge's signature for 476 days after filing with clerk's stamp?

Is there a "lazy judge rule" for civil procedure in WA state? In Indiana: Failure to Rule on a Motion and Delay of Judgments Under T.R. 53.2, if a judge takes a cause tried to the court ...
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In Washington state, can a Home Owners Association allow home owners to keep pets, but not renters?

My friend lives in an apartment building in Washington where the bylaws allow home owners to keep dogs and cats, but states that renters are not allowed to keep any pets. Is this legal according to ...
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Married couple moving from a common law state to a community property state: California and Washington approach this differently?

If a married couple moves from a common law state to a community property state, do the properties they acquired after marriage (other than some prescribed exceptions) become their community property? ...
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My apartment complex's hot tub has been broken for multiple months now. I wouldn't have lived here if not for the hot tub

Over the summer (about 4-5 months ago), the hot tub in my apartment complex broke. I contacted the complex owners, and they said it would take a couple of weeks to fix. I've contacted them multiple ...
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Does an insurance agent have a "Duty of Care"?

An insurance agent recommended a property insurance policy to a client in Washington State that later turned out to be grossly inadequate (coverage limits too small), and significantly outside of ...
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If someone erroneously places a sticker on my car, are they obliged to remove it and, if necessary, clean any residual mark left by it?

I parked my car in some parking lot and the security mistakenly placed a sticker in it warning that it may get towed even though I did have the authorization to park my park at that location. I don't ...
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Can washington residents play online poker fundraiser?

Can a Washington State resident play poker online for a fund-raiser that's hosted by an organization outside of the state of Washington?
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Minimum distance between property line requirement for storm pipe installation in Bellevue, WA (Right-of-way)

My neighbor recently received a permit to install a storm drain pipe in the right-of-way next to my property line on my front yard. While I understand the City of Bellevue Water Engineering Standards (...
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Is it legal to record your room mates, without their permission or knowledge in "community areas"?

UNITED STATES: WASHINGTON STATE: PIERCE COUNTY: TACOMA CITY hey guys, i have a question, i understand that the law right now is that you cannot legally record a phone call in Washington state without ...
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Does the term "need" carry any legal weight in the context of a police officer claiming they "need" to see your ID?

Consider that in most states you are not required to furnish identity documents on demand, (unless you are being arrested, or pulled over in a traffic stop) what is the status or required level of ...
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