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Questions tagged [water]

Questions about rights and laws relating to access and use water

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In the USA what state's laws do I have to abide by when rafting on a river boundary?

Lets say I'm rafting in a river that marks the boundary between state A and B. While in said river I perform an action legal in state A but not in state B. I want to know if I broke the law. How do ...
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1 answer

What is the furthest point from land at sea where individual U.S. state laws apply?

I wondered to myself if there was a specific point within the 12 mile US territorial sea where individual U.S. state law ends and only federal law applies. For example, could an individual/business ...
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Can California water districts legally use EPA water budgets?

My water district is using EPA's ETo (evapotranspiration) concept to set water budgets for retail billing. ETo is higher during hot and dry months. My water district is multiplying ETo by landscape ...
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What laws prohibit dirty water and poor sewage systems at apartment complexes in California?

What law requires habitable living conditions that require clean water and no bad sewage smells coming from the bathroom at an apartment?
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