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Do California's whistleblower protections apply to non-employees and private businesses?

In California, do the whistleblower's protections apply to non-employees and private businesses? For example, suppose you live in a small town with a single gas station. And you notice that its ...
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It is a crime not to report a crime in some parts of the world. Wouldn't everyone who fails to whistle-blow be guilty of a crime?

In some parts of the world, it is a crime not to report a crime. If that is the case, wouldn't everyone who fails to whistle-blow be guilty of a crime? To quote an example, here is what Section 202 of ...
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If non-employee whistle blows and reports/tips to government organization, what are the protections offered?

If non-employee whistle blows and reports something else to government organization via anonymous tip or non-anonymous tip, what are the protections offered/possible in theory?
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Are FBI agents eligible to be whistleblowers?

According to this summary document on, they're not. I thought this was very interesting considering all the hubbub in the House of Representatives about the FBI agents being or not being ...
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Fired (seemingly) for finding paycheck inconsistencies. What kind of legal recourse might exist?

Not me, but a friend. They found some paycheck inconsistencies for them and a bunch of other employees, and asked about it. The response from management was "oh, oops. We'll fix it" A few ...
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What protections are available when reporting problems at nursing homes?

Betty is a resident at a nursing home, where her bills are paid in part by Medicare/Medicaid. Betty's daughter believes the nursing home is providing substandard care: failing to provide her mother ...
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Contractual obligation to deliver illegal software [duplicate]

I was contracted by a business to develop software that generates leads for their sales team. A few months before the project deadline, the client issued a change order that added some questionable ...
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Is or isn't it illegal to reveal a/the whistleblower's name?

According to Politico: But [US Senator Rand] Paul told reporters Tuesday he is "more than willing to and probably will at some point" name the whistleblower. "There is no law ...
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Hypothetical question about Whistleblower Protection

Let's say a US non-government employment comes in contact with very sensitive unprotected information on the web. The information was gathered using opsint (Open Source Intelligence) there was no ...
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Parsing definition of "urgent concern" under 50 U.S.C 3033?

Can someone help validating my parsing of a legal definition of "urgent concern" in the cited section. If a complaint is not related to a intelligence activity, does it qualify as an intelligence ...
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Is it advsable to "blow the whistle" on illegal tax exemption?

I've been working for a company for under a year and I have many responsibilities all related to technology. Recently, I was tasked with buying new tech equipment for employees. We had a major delay ...
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Is whistleblowing on a violation of union contracts illegal, even if t's done by a union non-member?

Suppose there were rumours at a company they would potentially shut down a unionised facility to shift production to a non-unionised facility. Union members are contacted by external parties but ...
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What statutes (if any) would make it illegal to publish exact steps to exploit a network vulnerability?

Let's hypothesize that John Doe, who lives in the United States, has discovered a large-scale vulnerability in the networks of a major industry, using legal means. The steps involved in exploiting it ...
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What are the legal ramifications of going public with corruption in academia?

Let us say that someone has been aware of scientific and professional misconduct in academia. They blew the whistle, and they were heavily retaliated against. A multi-million dollar grant was ...
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Can I be sued for defamation for a text message I sent?

Here's a funny situation I've just found myself in. Over the past year I've been trying to disclose to a U.S. based organization details of the foreign organization they are supporting that indicate ...
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I would like to blow a whistle but don't want to face retaliation

(The following is slightly fictionalized, but more-or-less true) I recently ended a relationship with a hedge fund. The relationship ended unpleasantly, and lawyers were involved. I tried to ...
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