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Would it be in violation of student visa to spend a substantial amount of time and make profits from stocks?

Follow up to this question. As far as I know, one cannot do freelance work while on a student visa. So, for example, I cannot do something like hair cutting or drawing on commission, while in country. ...
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Can a company in Germany lets its employee to work some months from iran remotely? [closed]

As an Iranian,I am trying to get an stable, trustable job from Germany,and move there. but i want to work for some months remotely from iran. Due to some problems i cant completely leave home. I had a ...
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Can one receive money/gift card for services without work visa in the US?

As a non-citizen, non-PR in the US, I don't have work authorization. However, there are times when I could participate in activities which would entitle me to monetary benefits, directly or in form of ...
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May a Moroccan student work in Spain?

In 2022, I read about an update to Spain's immigration law which would permit people with student visas to work for 30 hours a week. I've read the revised version of this law, notably article 33, and ...
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Can a person with pending asylum work for foreign (outside of US) company?

Person who is applying for an asylum is not able to work in the US without an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). That person can apply for EAD 150 days after applying for asylum, and it will be ...
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Is it legal to work as a student assistant in Germany if Im an Italian student?

So I have a long residency in Italy and I'm finishing my masters, but I found a good thesis in Germany and they offered me while doing the thesis to work as a student assistant (to be able to cover my ...
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Do I need a passport or ID card to have the right to work in the EU?

I am due to start a job in the EU this August. Fortunately, I have recently acquired citizenship in an EU country, and so (I would think) have the right to work in the EU. Unfortunately, I do not yet ...
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Can Alice accept tips after providing free, no-strings-attached labor or service without employment authorization?

Alice is an asylum seeker with her EAD pending renewal with 179 days of unauthorized work under her belt total. Bob is a recipient of the labor or service of Alice. Is she entitled to engage in labor ...
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Plumber employment

Is there any legal issue with a property management company employing a journeyman plumber to do plumbing jobs in house? The management company only manages related party owned properties, ...
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Is it possible to create a non-profit business on F-2 visa status?

Consider a person comes to the US with an F-2 visa status and has a plan to get his/her green card in the next year, but at the moment he/she likes to start a commercial website or mobile app but for ...
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