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This is fore questions involving cases where a person is convicted of a crime, but did not in fact commit that crime.

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If exactly one of two people committed a crime, but both deny it, how is conviction handled? [duplicate]

Say a crime has been committed, and there are literally only 2 suspects, one of whom it HAD to be. How can the conviction be handled? As an example: Bob and Carl are caught alone in a room with a ...
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Convicted for murder and "victim" found alive

In two works of fiction I read or saw, a person was convicted for murder when the victim was actually alive. (In one case, not quite alive - police take finger prints of an unknown 30 year old woman, ...
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Would proof of the convict being blackmailed into confession be enough to exonerate them in certain cases?

Imagine a convict who was blackmailed into confessing to a crime (this blackmail happens prior to the crime). Not only that, they were also blackmailed into doing certain incriminating actions, such ...
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What happens during and after investigations into a false conviction?

I'm interested in the NY(C) jurisdiction. So, the relevant people are convinced that a person might have been wrongfully convicted. So, an investigation starts, and it proves this. Then, the person is ...
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Defendant lost inheritance due to slayer rule, later exonerated. Do defendant’s descendants have ability to bring a suit?

A family consists of a DAUGHTER, her MOTHER (biological) and her STEP-FATHER (her mother’s second husband). The Step-father had bequeathed all his wealth to the Mother. The Mother had bequeathed all ...
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