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Can a worker who is not an employee be wrongfully dismissed? (England & Wales)

Does wrongful dismissal (NB. I don't mean unfair) apply to workers who are not employees in England & Wales? My understanding from my lecturer is that it does apply (it came up on a test question ...
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2 answers

In the UK can someone be fired for job hunting

In the UK: Assuming that no job hunting or application has been done during work hours, can I be fired for openly job hunting out of hours? What if I advertise my availability on a site like LinkedIn?
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Can I sue my employer if they terminate my employment while I'm laid off during the Coronavirus outbreak?

I am currently laid off from my job due to the Coronavirus outbreak. My employer informed my coworkers and I in a group meeting on the day before the lay-off that we would all be brought back to work ...
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Can a worker capable of performing job functions from home be terminated for avoiding office due to COVID–19?

There's a popular thread on Twitter in light of COVID–19 that brings attention to all the workplaces where people could work from home (due to being tech/knowledge workers), but, for one reason or ...
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