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Adding disclaimer note, in case other readers do not know what side I am asking about.

Are Parent-to-Child death threats legal exceptions?

Is it legal for a parent to make a death threat to their child verbally, to "keep them in line"? Is a parent threatening a child with death an exception, if they said it was "from love and my instincts I know them -- I needed to help them think"?

Is that just a verbal abuse problem for a psychologist to deal with, or does the law cope with the parent-child verbal abuse/death threat issue specifically? From reading about the law, it seems parents get exceptions to be using/abusing that language.

I'm asking about a Death threat as defined officially by US law, but global examples are welcome too.

Disclaimer: For the record, in respect to https://law.stackexchange.com/a/58451/13459 I agree, I deeply feel and know from asking repeatedly over my entire life, the question is appalling and hideous to ask about (besides trying to imagine a kid asking professionals about their parents and them not reacting, which is also a hideous feeling when adults do not know what to say to a child in response), just in terms of real life experiences being painfully put into a general context, so I appreciate everyone's maturity.