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Did I commit sexual harassment unknowingly?

Sorry guys, I am new here and please feel free to delete my post if it does not meet the rules and requirements.

So here is what happened. My friend used to complain that he gets phone calls from credit card companies many times (about 1-2 times per day). I had noticed the same, we would be chilling and he would get such calls and it was pretty irritating. Also they would change their phone numbers so frequently that blocking the numbers was useless. One day when we were watching a movie such a call comes and he gets furious. I tell him that I will handle it and I take the phone. I talk to the credit card selling woman for some time asking things I am not at all interested in and then I state that sure I will take it, but when will you sleep with me. She thought she probably misheard and asked me that she didn't get me the last time and I repeated the exact same thing again to her. She paused for around 10 secs and then disconnected it herself and my friend never ever got a phone call from those credit card companies again. However as I was narrating my story to another friend, I was informed that this probably constitutes as sexual harassment. Even though it has been months since the incident, I am a bit concerned. Did I actually do something illegal?