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Is it a crime for a mail lady to take mail out of your hand, threaten to destroy it and drive off?

The mail lady knocked on my door and asked for me to sign for certified mail for my dad.

I declined for security and privacy reasons. I work to keep my name out of databases for completely legal reasons. There is a whole legal industry around this for protecting people and their assets under trusts and LLCs among other things. I won't detail why I practice this but a common reason could be for stalkers, swatting, bogus lawsuits etc.

The mail lady thought I was being difficult on purpose. I explained I wasn't and wanted to go out of my way to get my Dad to sign that so he could receive his certified mail.

She ended up snatching all the mail she handed me which was primarily non certified (Only one piece was certified). She said she was destroying all the mail and we would never receive it or any future mail at that address. She drove off.

I don't see any value in involving law enforcement but I do in just making a complaint to the post office. My dad was able to call her and get the mail later but he had to "eat crow" as he put it. While blowing off steam I said to our cop friend who happened to be over, that the mail lady technically did at least two crimes, 1) stole property and 2) threatened to destroy property for the purpose of intimidation.

He disagreed that any crime took place and it would be my word vs hers and nothing would happen. I said I believe she did at least two crimes, but I agree without video or witness I could not prove them and involving law enforcement wont be of net benefit and would likely result in her escalating things further and making false accusations. The only action I am taking is a complaint to the post office. As I said my dad was able to call her later and meet up with her to get the mail. There is more to her grotesque behavior but so this isn't too long I'm not adding all the details.

My intention in this post is an informal legal proof to my friend that crimes were done because I don't enjoy the feeling of ad hominem that I'm not a cop therefore I don't get it. He did at one point say she might have special privelege with her handling of mail that protects her. I understand laws like that probably exist that at the very least could be very easyily crafted and twisted into a defense for her. But my assertion is she doesn't have special privelege as a mail person to protect her from her handling of mail in this circumstance as I presented the details, and even if there were some statute protecting her or that could be argued from a statutory/legal-justice standpoint (but not a moral justice standpoint), that from at least a Natural Law philosphical perspective from which US law is in part based, she did do two crimes and as such there would be differing legal opinions on what the law should reflect regardless of statutory authority - I hope this doesn't make my question too dense with other questions. I'm honestly curious about both cases, the natural law and the actual existing statutory law. I'm also interested in any misunderstandings of our legal underpinnings I may have implied by my post. I totally get that lawyers and judges don't agree about our foundings and the reality of natural law etc.

Thank you and here's a sort of TLDR/conclusion:

A mail lady cannot snatch non certified mail back that she knowingly delivered to me, a resident and person that regularly receives and is supposed to receive mail on behalf of his dad when I'm around, in order to intimidate and coerce me into signing for my dad's certified mail (Which by the way would be under my legal name in the respective entry field for authorized persons like family member or resident etc., Which is an implied acknowledgement by her that I was at least authorized to have the non certified mail she stole back. She even said hold on and switched her electronic device to the field where I would sign as his son instead of the space in the form where he, the person it was sent to, would sign.) This included numerous other intimidation tactics including that the mail would be destroyed and now my dad is never getting any of it. She actually drove off and left with it leaving me with the words she was destroying it.

So it appears from both a statutory and a Natural Law perspective she did at least two crimes.

After the take back and threat of destruction of the mail, before she left, I asked why she was treating me this way and she said "I'm acting the same way your acting." She really didn't comprehend my privacy and secuirty reasons for not signing which I shared more of with her than I wanted to.

Thank you.