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Pat W.
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Why is this reply not considered an agreement to sell the company?

Because a sender's opportunism regarding the bizarre contents of the autoreply preclude a finding that there is a meeting of the minds.

Could someone get out of a contract by proving that their email agreeing to it (e.g., "Yes, I agree to the contract") was an autoreply?

It mostly depends on the element of authorization to set up the autoreply that way.

If the person who wrote the autoreply was authorized by the user of the email account to set it up that way, the contract binds the user. This form of blind and reckless formation of contracts is an extreme scenario of Restatement (Second) of Contracts at ยง154(b).

The contract might be null and void as unreasonable, contrary to public policy, and/or on other grounds. But a wide range of scenarios would fall short of warranting a nullification of the contract.