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For questions concerning evidence - including the handling of evidence, rejection or admittance of evidence in a court of law, and serving evidence in civil matters.

Agents of the state are not presumed to be perfect. The justice system and due process are designed to weigh all the nuances of evidence and try to provide a fair outcome. So in a trial the fact … that there was a conflict of interest would and should be brought to light, and the judge and jury will consider that conflict and how it should color the evidence. Even when there is no explicit …
answered Dec 30 '15 by feetwet
you're trying to make up rules for yourself. Remember that you are not a lawyer, and the hearing is not a court of law. If you assert evidence it should be accepted based on what a "reasonable person … two years ago – then note that you're reading what you wrote two years ago as opposed to stating what you remember now, because that bolsters the credibility of your testimony. If there's evidence in …
answered Aug 14 '16 by feetwet
for the property's return. The motion must be filed in the district where the property was seized. The court must receive evidence on any factual issue necessary to decide the motion. If it … that private vehicle insurance will cover costs associated with being deprived of a car seized as evidence. (The closest analogy I know for certain: If a law enforcement agency causes damage to …
answered Apr 28 '17 by feetwet