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Concerning law regarding the contracting, payment, and collection of rent between a tenant and a landlord. Tag can also be used for rental agreements related to property other than real estate.

Your title doesn't quite match your question. "Reneging" would mean saying that a lease would be offered at the reduced rent, and then not offering the lease. Here, they offered the lease, and you … accepted. So now the question is not whether they can refuse to offer you the reduced-fee lease, but whether they are owed the back rent. Verbal agreements are indeed binding, but they are rather …
answered May 31 '18 by Acccumulation
conditions unacceptable, you can find another place to rent. When I asked the landlord about what he was planning to do regarding that, his answer was that it was not his business. It doesn't … with you purchasing it from the power company, not that the landlord has to pay for it (if the landlord had agreed to pay for it, and isn't, then you can deduct the cost from the rent, but you can't …
answered Jan 30 '18 by Acccumulation
rent obligation under the lease or rental agreement. So, the notice must be based on a law and/or the lease agreement. Presumably, the law and/or lease provision must be cited in the notice … day notice to pay rent is served on a Thursday, we count Friday as the first day Sunday is the third day. Since the last day of this type of notice cannot be a Sunday, the "third day" is then Monday …
answered Jun 15 '18 by Acccumulation
Your landlord is free to demand rent on the 1st as part of a leasing agreement. However, your current lease agreement says that rent is due on the 6th. So your landlord would have to terminate the … terminated by either party by giving notice in writing. The time of the notice must be at least as long as the interval between the time rent is due or three months, whichever is less. If you are …
answered Mar 1 by Acccumulation