No Or at least not necessarily. Contract terms are legally one of three types: Conditions, Warranties, or Intermediate. Breach of any term allows the aggrieved party to sue to recover damages - monetary compensation to restore them to the position they would have been in had the breach not occurred. Breach of a condition also (or instead) allows them to ...


Yes This guy says he did. Of course, the case settled without an arbitrator’s decision but it is technically a fought and won arbitration. Since arbitrations are private, we will only know about them if one of the parties tells us.


One-sided termination rights are quite common. For instance, generally insurance policies allow the insured to terminate the policy early (in fact, there are laws requiring in some cases for the insurance company to allow early termination and give a pro rata refund of premiums paid up to them), but the insurance company can't terminate until the policy is ...

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