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Overtime pay in Ontario is required by the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Most employees are entitled to "time and a half" if they work more than 44 hours in a single week. According to this Ontario Government web page For most employees, whether they work full-time, part-time, are students, temporary help agency assignment employees, or casual ...


Subsection 12 of Rule 12 of british-columbia's Small Claims Rules identifies "What happens at a payment hearing?" (12) At any payment hearing under these rules, evidence may be heard about any of the following: (a) the income and assets of the debtor; (b) the debts owed to and by the debtor; (c) any assets that the debtor has disposed of since the ...


The Canadian Supreme Court and CanLii have free online searchable databases of statutes and selected case law. (Other providers are available but often they are behind a paywall, or require users to register an account or be affiliated with a particular organisation.)


The corporation referred to in the OP is the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) established to: help build and sustain a research landscape in Canada that will attract and retain the world's top talent, train the next generation of researchers, support private-sector innovation and create high-quality jobs that strengthen Canada's position in today's ...

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