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Witness protection and street photography

This problem is posed in the context of a high technology innovation, but the problem is not a new one. Anyone in witness protection always faces the risk of being recognized by someone and that ...
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Selected for H1B but never intends to find employment in the US

An employer must file a petition for the foreign worker and has the petition approved before the foreign worker may be admitted on an H1B status. If the H1B is capped for the employer/employment (most ...
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Why doesn't UK's Equality and Human Rights Commission accept complaints from public, when Canadian and provincial Human Rights Commissions do?

Why this inconsistency ? Because different countries/jurisdiction have different laws. Canadian Parliament and provincial legislative assemblies can do whatever they want within the Canadian ...
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Is it illegal to buy prescription eyeglasses online in Canada?

I am not a lawyer, but the best I've been able to determine from searching online is the following: In most provinces, it is illegal to sell prescription eyeglasses to someone who does not have a ...
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