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Assuming the signs are properly placed by the municipality or other legal authority, Would it be a valid defence to say that, since the signs do not reflect the bylaw, and no other laws were violated, the car was parked legally and the issued ticket ("park prohibited day/time") is not valid? If the ticket is issued soley on the specific bylaw ...


Parking laws are very much a matter of local municipal law. There does not appear to be a general rule mandating signage on a Canada-wide basis. I examined the parking code of th4e City of Hamilton, Ontario (BY-LAW NO. 01-218) This is some 56 pages long, and some provisions specify signage, and some do not. For example section (9)(1) provides: No person ...


Is this how it works? Am I supposed to pay the full quote regardless? No. The contractor is plain wrong. Your agreed commitment to obtain materials directly from the retailer supersedes the initial agreement that totaled 30K. In other words, you two amended the contract. Since then, your obligations under the amended contract were to provide the materials ...


Absent exceptional circumstances like war crimes, Canada would not try the suspect for murder. It might incarcerate the suspect, however, while engaging in negotiations with U.S. officials to try the defendant for murder in a state court or federal court with jurisdiction over the case and an agreement not to seek the death penalty.


Under international law Canada likely wouldn't have jurisdiction. See, e.g., Morrison v. National Australia Bank (Discussing the general international law presumption against extraterritorial jurisdiction).


They might not have enough money in their bank account. Sure, you could just garnish their bank account to receive the amount owed to you, but if they don't have any money in their account, you can't take money that they don't have. That's when you might need to have a bailiff confiscate their property or begin the process of summoning them to a payment ...


Provincial jurisdiction may need to be specified. But in general, assuming you are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, you can be terminated for any reason or even no reason, as long as the contract is followed, the actual or apparent reason is not discriminatory or otherwise illegal and the termination procedure meets the provincial employment ...


The Civil Resolution Tribunal Act, SBC 2012, c 25 provides, in Part 6 — Enforcement of Tribunal Orders Enforcement by filing in Supreme Court 57 (1) A final decision of the tribunal in relation to a claim category, other than a tribunal small claim, may be enforced by filing, in the Supreme Court, a validated copy of an order giving effect to the final ...


australia Companies can have different classes of shares with different rights: rights to dividends, voting, distribution of assets on winding up etc. Basically, it’s pretty much completely customisable.

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