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How do lower level (county or magistrates) courts in the City of London differ in their jurisdictions from those in the surrounding boroughs?

There is currently no difference, but there have been substantial differences in the past. Since the Courts Act 1971 (specifically s.42), the City of London has had its own county court that is on the ...
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In what sense is the City of London a "corporation"?

Although the word typically refers to a specific type of business entity, "corporation" simply means a group (or "body") of people or other entities that are collectively endowed ...
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Does the private component of the City of London Corporation pay any tax on its financial activities?

CITY’S CASH ANNUAL REPORT AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2022 The City of London Corporation is a single legal entity and legislation treats it as a local authority for tax ...
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In what sense is the City of London a "corporation"?

A corporation is one type of judicial person All corporations are creatures of statute; that is, they exist because there is a statute that creates them or allows them to be created. Most corporations ...
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