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What award can an unpaid independent contractor expect? What are the legal incentives to pay contractors?

What awards can I expect? In what ways would a judge's decisions about awards be legally limited? $500? Interest? Time spent pursuing collections? Filing fee? Anything else? My research so far ...
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Civil Case - Damages exceeding $250,0000.00 (sic)

The error is not important It’s surely a mistake that will be clarified and corrected long before anyone enters a courtroom.
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Would Trump's lawsuit against Judge Juan Merchan be barred by Spark v. Stumpman?

Trump has filed an Article 78 proceeding in the New York's state courts according to the New York Times which broke the story. While this is a proceeding in the style of a lawsuit against the judge, ...
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How can Alex Jones avoid paying the money he owes?

There are various reasons why an actual payment from a losing defendant may be delayed, including: orders to pay can be stayed (suspended) while being appealed, although the court will typically ...
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