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No In most countries, meteorites belong to the state no matter where they are found or how long they have been there. If you found one on the high seas, it would belong to the nation of the vessel’s registration.


The law regarding proof of service allows service of summons by publication in case a defendant "is not a resident of the state, but has property therein and the court has jurisdiction of the subject of the action". Plaintiff must file an affidavit saying that he believes that you are not a resident, and he either mailed the summons to you or states that ...


As Greendrake says you can ask the court for material. You may also search BAILII for High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court judgments. They mention the arguments and evidence heard by the court. For that particular example, I searched the England & Wales section for Castleton Post Office. That resulted in links to the specific case as well as ...


Members of the public can apply to the court for access to case documents: (2) A non-party may, if the court gives permission, obtain from the records of the court a copy of any other document filed by a party, or communication between the court and a party or another person. (Rule 5.4C(2) of the civil procedure rules).


"Ignorance of the law" never helps anyone As a maxim, it simply means that even if you didn't know what your legal obligations were; you are deemed to have known and are therefore responsible for your acts and omissions. Majority can either mean "more than half" or "the most" In parliamentary procedure, the term is usually defined to be "more than half" (...


Know how the law works in the first place There's an order of precedence to organizational documents. The order goes State law Organization's Articles of Incorporation Organization's Bylaws The parliamentary procedure invoked by the Articles or Bylaws The Board of Directors Note that "Policy" is not on this list. However, if there is a genuine ambiguity ...


"Ignorance of the law" refers to a (non)-defense for committing a crime ("I didn't know it was against the law"). In this case, the government hasn't passed a law saying that "the term 'simple majority' shall always be defined as..." – there is no law saying that "simple majority means more than half of the total number of votes". Instead, terms are ...


When there is a road sign showing a speed limit, your speed must be reduced to the speed limit when you reach the sign. If a speed limit is only visible at the last moment, you can complain, but otherwise it’s just bad luck.


Yes, there could be an obligation without needing retroactivity If Elgin never owned them then neither does the British Museum. It has been a feature of common law that only a person who has good title to property can pass on that title (unless the goods are a negotiable instrument, such as a banknote cheque or bearer bond acquired in good faith). I don't ...

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