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The court should give you two originals: one to be served, the other to be returned with proof of service attached. If the court gives you only one original then just ask them whether they need the original or copy to be returned with proof of service, from which you will deduct what to serve.


They would be disciplined And the judge would consider whether a mistrial should be declared. Although, the “ah-ha” moment isn’t that devastating to the prosecution’s case - Albuquerque is a big city, in a city that big if you try hard enough you’ll find people who look similar, particularly if you dress them the same and give them the same hairstyle. One of ...


The named official capacity defendant is substituted as a matter of course, by unopposed motion or with the stipulation of the Justice Department. This is typically done in dozens or even hundred or thousands of cases, when there is a change in the official holding the post. This happens frequently, so the Department of Justice has forms on their computer ...


Is this field also intended for specifying a requested refund of legal fees (based on the EAJA), in case that the plaintiff will be a prevailing party? No.


How much detail does one include in a complaint? See the procedural law your jurisdiction and how courts apply it. You only mention that you suing in the US, but not the state or even whether your complaint is to be filed in federal or state court. The applicable "court rules" or "rules of civil procedure" of your jurisdiction provide ...


Generally, you may only file an action in the Western District of Virginia if the actions or inactions that you believe violated your rights occurred within the boundaries of this District. When a lawyer uses the word "generally," it typically signals the existence of exceptions. The specific statutory provision of 8 USC 1447(b) supersedes the ...

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