There is an excellent resource for looking at Computer Misuse Act cases: http://www.computerevidence.co.uk/Cases/CMA.htm There have been several cases where people have created DoS tools, botnet software, or credential stealing malware and used them. For example, web designer Simon Vallor created Gokar, Redesi, Admirer mass mailing viruses that infected ...


In a narrow sense, since you are a student at the U, you are bound by a contract you signed when you registered for classes. Read it, and you'll probably find a clause or two that states that you are not allowed to abuse, script, attempt logins or otherwise use the computer systems in any way other than typical, day to day use. The U's recourse is to kick ...


It depends on the jurisdiction and information. A guide to making bombs would be prima facie illegal in the UK per s58 Terrorism Act 2000 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2000/11/section/58, for example.

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