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australia Consumers can get a refund Two of the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law is that a product must be fit for purpose and of merchantable quality. A piece of software that doesn’t work is clearly neither.


Colorado statute 42-6-206 imposes disclosure requirements on the sale of vehicles with salvage titles. That you didn't know it was a salvage does not seem to be of concern to this particular statute. This means that you are potentially entitled to redress against the people who sold you the car as well, provided the sale occurred in Colorado and they ...


It would not constitute an unfair or deceptive act or practice as defined in ORC 1345.02, which lists a number of specific prohibited false acts (regarding how you represent the goods or services). ORC 4165 also prohibits a number of trade mark related acts which are mostly about other irrelevant things, but business name is included in 4165.02(A)(5) – ...


Can intentionally providing climate change disinformation known to the provider to be false be construed as fraud? No. That is insufficient for a finding of fraud. One of the prima facie elements of fraud is that the consumer of provider's information incur losses (aka consequent damage) as a result of that misrepresentation. See Elcon Const. v. Eastern ...


It's not fraud because you aren't defrauding anyone out of anything. If you lie to someone about a topic, it's up to them to do the research and find the truth or what their opinion is. If you lie about a person or organization you may be sued for libel if you don't retract it. http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/retraction-law-california


You would need to read your contract A few points to note: International air tickets are subject to the law at the port of origin irrespective of the number of flights. So if your return flight starts in Paris it will be under French law, if it starts in Kathmandu it will be under Nepalese law. Your nationality is almost certainly irrelevant. If the ...


Turkish airlines states its cancellation policies here – this is what appears to a person in the US, content in Nepal or elsewhere is anyone's guess. The possibility and cost of cancellation depends on whether the ticket is domestic or international, and what the fare class is. For example no cancellation with refund is possible under the international ...

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