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What stops stolen software from offering a valid license?

I've never seen a license agreement like this make that license conditional on having actually paid for the software. Careful reading of license agreements shows that this isn't accurate. Commercial ...
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What stops stolen software from offering a valid license?

A computer can’t enter into a contract A EULA is a contract between the software company (not the computer) and the end user. If the software is obtained in a manner authorized by the publisher, then ...
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Web scraping of an online dictionary

Depends on which jurisdiction you are in. Operating this scraper and using the resulting data set could be a violation of copyright laws in some countries. The copyright status of databases like a ...
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Copyright Timeline Question

I believe Wikipedia covers this scenario: In all countries where the Berne Convention standards apply, copyright is automatic, and need not be obtained through official registration with any ...
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Using a company's logo in reference to something

Company logos may be protected by copyright, but that requires two things: They must be eligible for copyright, meaning they need to above the so called "threshold of originality". In simple ...
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Copyright Timeline Question

Although you have to wait for the registration to be approved before you can bring a suit in federal court, it looks like you would get the full benefits of registration. Once the registration is ...
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Is a private individual shopping for personal goods from companies "non-commercial"?

Yes and no Yes, it is a non-commercial activity for Alice. No, it is a commercial activity for Bob Inc. and Charlie Corp.
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Copyright risks for code contributed by generative AI

The first way to look at the question is whether the output of the program is “substantially similar” to that of a protected work. A copyright infringement claim does not have to show video of a ...
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