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Q1: Can a non-natural person (i.e. company M) be the only director / manager of company P? If not, how would company M exert its managerial power over the assets held by P? Some jurisdictions allow this, others do not. I don't have a comprehensive list of which do and which do not. Q2: How does Bob, who has no direct role in company P, open a brokerage ...


One of the first things you learned was wrong Or, at least, incomplete. Copyright exists the instant the literary or artistic work is "fixed": that is, recorded in some manner that is retrievable and reproducible. Under the Berne Convention, a requirement in domestic law that a work is registered or marked with a copyright notice is not allowed.


Short Answer Does statute prescribe algorithm for calculating quorum? No, but it does provide a default and minimum quorum for board meetings (indirectly through a non-condo statute), which is sufficient to resolve the questions asked for a five member board, in most cases, although the bylaws could set a higher quorum than the minimum or default ...


No california The size of the quorum is a matter for the by-laws. Practically, it must be between 1 and everyone.

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