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Is it legal to create a corporation for no reason?

A business must be incorporated for a legal purpose (reason), and that reason must be stated when the business is registered; but that purpose can be to be incorporated and exist as a business. It's ...
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Starting a Tech Company: Should I rename and reuse my existing C-Corp, or form a new one?

Better to start fresh. From an investor's perspective, an old C-corp inherently leaves open questions over whether there are any skeletons in the closet and the dollar cost and effort involved is ...
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Is it legal for a shareholder who receives no wages from company A to receive a reimbursement for business travel costs from company A?

If I do some business travel for your company then I send you a bill for my working time and my expenses, and I expect it to be paid. If your shareholder does some business travel for your company, ...
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Is someone who is a "Chief Medical Officer" in an American company also a "Corporate Officer?"

In all likelihood, yes. A company has wide discretion to decide who its officers will be and what their responsibilities will be, something usually set forth in the bylaws or operating agreement of ...
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