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When are county court decisions binding upon the “London region” of the county court?

County court decisions don't have binding authority. HM Courts & Tribunals Service defines the regions. For convenience, here are maps of locations of the HMCTS estates for the London region - I ...
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When and where are decisions by the various tiers of the county court binding?

Is there such a thing as “circuits” of the court as there apparently are in the USA and as circuit judges are apparently named according to? Just answering this question narrowly. The original idea ...
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Do general forms of judgments require judicial names or signatures?

In summary, An order of the County Court is meant to have the judge's name and court seal, but conventionally will not include a signature. Form N24 is submitted by a party to the case, as a proposal ...
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Is it normal for district judges first instance decisions to be appealed to circuit judges in other locations?

See Practice Direction 52B: The venue for an appeal within the County Court will be determined by the Designated Civil Judge and may be different from the appeal centre.
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