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Why were the sentencing remarks for Anne Sacoolas available online?

Sentencing remarks are broadcast by Sky News and hosted on their YouTube channel. Regarding written remarks, this word doc answers a Freedom of Information Act request: What criteria do you use for ...
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Why would someone who is charged with murder appear before Westminster (or any other) Magistrates Court?

england-and-wales There is always a first hearing in magistrates' court. The magistrates' court hears the defendant's plea, decides where to send the case for trial or sentencing and decides bail. ...
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If an unlawful search uncovers evidence unrelated to the subject of the search, can the subject have the evidence suppressed?

See Rakas v. Illinois, 439 U.S. 128, 134 (1978) (internal citations removed): A person who is aggrieved by an illegal search and seizure only through the introduction of damaging evidence secured by ...
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Which countries have provisions for e-summons (e-mail, whatsapp, fax, etc.)? Please share specific guidelines, rules, news articles would also work

Substituted Service None of the prescribed methods of service is electronic. However, if it is proving impractical to use a standard form of service, you may apply to the court for substituted service....
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