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Can a service provider force a price increase?

When I signed up over 5 years ago, I signed a contract agreeing to a specific service at a specific price and I was locked-in for 24 months, lest I be charged a penalty for early breach of ...
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Can a service provider force a price increase?

Contracts are bidirectional. If you chose to leave them during the contract period - you would be subject to penalty. If they chose to change the details of your plan during the contract period - ...
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Liability for workplace accident

There are several related, but not equivalent aspects to consider here: Liability of the company towards its customers. First off, the company selling the product is bound by several European ...
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Can a service provider force a price increase?

That should be rather straightforward: The rules for how to get out of the contract are part of the contract, for both parties. So reading the contract (including generbits stated in some other ...
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What is the legal restriction for driving vehicles that don't require a license?

using the Vehicle classification of Croatia, we can try to class it: it has 33 kW, does more than 45 km/h and weighs 200 kg. It's Power/weight ratio is 0.165 kW/kg Croatia uses the EU driver's ...
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