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Because threatening a lawsuit is a nuclear option If you are thinking about a lawsuit then you have a dispute. The best, most efficient, most effective and cheapest way to resolve a dispute is to negotiate a settlement. The best, most efficient and quickest way to derail a negotiation is to make threats. People don't like being threatened. It makes them ...


When dealing with a largeish company, threats to sue will often be dealt with customer relations. If their brief is to give you a runaround, that's what they will do regardless of your threats. On the other hand, once you serve notice, their legal team will often want to settle quickly out of court if it's for a modest amount. However, certainly for the UK, ...


If you threaten to sue in the U.S., the other party can file for a declaratory judgement against you to settle the issue. More subtle discussion about your dispute with the party can keep the decision as to being involved in a law suit in your hands. A threat can give them standing to sue for a DJ, taking that choice away from you.


I wouldn't rely on a legal remedy. The police likely won't care and I can't imagine a lawsuit being worth it. Are you sure it was malicious? Maybe he just put it in an available bottle to make application easier. The sane thing would probably have been to ask him about it in the first place. For these minor issues you can, in theory, deduct it from money you ...

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