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The problem is you don't really have much standing in this case. To have any kind of legal claim against them or to force them to change behaviour you need to show some kind of loss. Other bus companies may be suffering a loss as passengers switch to fake "zero emission" transport. If you used such a bus because of the zero emission claim you might ...


Here is a web page detailing some guidance from the UK Government regarding making green claims on products. 6.1 Trading Standards Use Trading Standards for advice on how to deal with complaints. Enforces consumer protection legislation and can advise you on how to deal with complaints. Phone the ...


If they have no legal grounds then it would be trespass to chattels However, they do have legal grounds. Following the procedure laid out in the relevant Act makes the car refuse under the Act notwithstanding your opinion. Move it or lose it. Or seek an injunction preventing the council removing the vehicle- this will likely fail.

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