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A and B have been in a common law marriage for many years. A and C then apply for and receive a marriage license. When A and C marry, what is the legal status of each marriage? I assume in answering all of these questions that C did not know that A was in a valid common law marriage to B at the time of C's marriage to A, although the answers below may ...


In most (all I believe) states, the marriage between A and C would be invalid because A and B did not get a legal divorce. So for instance A and B live in a state that recognizes common law marriage. A and B hold themselves out to be a married couple. This is a legal marriage, even if A and B move to a different state, because all states recognize legal ...


Can a divorced man win a downward modification of alimony and/or child support if he were tricked into a marriage by a child that wasn't his? The couple then gets divorced and the wife sues for alimony and child support. Will the man likely be able to get reduced child support and/or alimony on the claim that he was tricked into a marriage he would not ...


They would first need to get a Declaration of Eligibility and Suitability which can be obtained from the Adoption Authority of Ireland.

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