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Why does the PKPA only apply when custody is decided by the court not prior to the decision? Because that is what the PKPA does. The title given to the PKPA in the US Code says it all: Full faith and credit given to child custody determinations. The PKPA tells state courts when they have to give "full faith and credit" (ie, recognize and apply) to ...


You need income and tax return information; if the spouse won't provide it, you should get legal help. Look at and find some free legal help there, or Google for free legal help in your county or city. A phone call or letter from a lawyer to your spouse will help get the information you need.


It is possible to marry in a different country and then return to Israel. The marriage will be legal.


First, there is no prohibition against a Jewish man marrying an Eastern European woman in Israel. If they are both Jewish, the marriage can be performed in Israel. If they are not the same religion, then if they get married in Israel, the government will not recognize the marriage. However, Israel recognizes inter-faith marriages performed outside Israel. ...

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