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If I'm about to do something that will cause a stock price to move, can I legally profit from it?

Insider trading is executing a trade based on non public information. It doesn't require that you are actually an "insider" to that company. If you are about to take some action that is ...
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Seller Financing a Car and repos

Let's say someone wants to sell a car to an individual via seller financing.. The individual puts down 1,000$ and finances the other $3,000.. and agrees on monthly payments of 200$ the seller becomes ...
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Is Intentional Bankruptcy Illegal?

italy The Italian laws defines a crime exactly for this case. It is called bancarotta fraudolenta in English fraudulent bankruptcy. However. It is so common that the newspapers for this case coined ...
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Is Intentional Bankruptcy Illegal?

In U.S. law, the most efficient way to address this would be with a fraudulent transfer claim, either within the bankruptcy, or in a separate action of the bankruptcy trustee, to "claw back" ...
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Is Intentional Bankruptcy Illegal?

Further to the answers you already have regarding criminal matters, directors of a company in England or Wales that has gone bankrupt are also subject to various restrictions on what they can do in ...
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Is Intentional Bankruptcy Illegal?

In some cases it it possible for courts to "pierce the corporate veil" and shift the liabilities of a corporation to its owner(s). This can be done in cases where there is no real separation ...
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Is Intentional Bankruptcy Illegal?

Fraud england-and-wales northern-ireland This would be fraud under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006: (1) A person is in breach of this section if he — (a) dishonestly makes a false representation, and ...
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