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The somewhat irritating feature of Florida law on the topic is that you also have to read the definitions in §934.02, because there is a concept of "reasonable expectation of privacy" that attenuates the necessity to get permission. Here are some definitions with emphasis added. “Oral communication” means any oral communication uttered by a person ...


What if any of said rules does Bob risk running afoul? None. By making a recording after the communication has left the Zoom/phone speakers he has not intercepted it during the course of its transmission.  I cannot find any relevant Floridian case law, but the England and Wales case R v E 2004 rules on a similar situation where a police "bug" in a ...


The Law Dictionary defines the Balance of Convenience as: to balance the relief given to the plaintiff against the injury that will be done to the defendant. And gives this hypothetical example: The court weighed the balance of convenience and opted not to grant the injunction requested by the plaintiff in light of the harm it would do to the defendant.


(Didn't you answer your own q?) If the contractor is doing unlicensed work, a complaint can be filed against the contractor with DBPR. (Note however that for a 1st offence only a notice is issued against the contractor, the fines up to $10K + investigative costs, as far as I can tell from Florida's 489.13 statute.) The Florida bar actually lists a bunch more ...


When one party to a conversation notifies then other that a telephone call )or other communication) is being or may be recorded, and the second party continues the conversation, that constitutes consent. I do not think that notifications on previous occasions constitutes consent, but I am not sure of this.


Sources Florida Power of Attorney from the Florida Bar Association is a consumer pamphlet summarizing the laws in regard to a power of attorney. The actual laws are in the Florida Code sections 709.2100 thru 709.2402 Health Care Advance Directives from the Florida Health Care Administration is a consumer guide to Living wills, surrogate designations, and ...

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