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Legality of doxxing in Florida

Doxxing (if we're talking about publishing a person's name and address) is constitutionally protected free speech throughout the country under the First Amendment. That doesn't mean a state won't pass ...
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False information on Florida Criminal History Report, can I sue the state?

You might be able to bring suit to correct an erroneous criminal history report as a claim for declaratory or injunctive relief, something that is not barred by governmental immunity. It is probably, ...
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Landlord replaced gate system with one which requires an app

This would be illegal in australia s47 of the COMPETITION AND CONSUMER ACT 2010 prohibits Exclusive Dealing without authorization. (6) A corporation also engages in the practice of exclusive dealing ...
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Landlord replaced gate system with one which requires an app

Yes, the landlord may change the lock system. There is nothing in the lease that prevents the landlord from maintaining or upgrading the property, and the lease will say nothing about what kind of ...
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Can my landlord legally say no to installing a security chain on my apartment door?

Ok in the state of Florida yes the landlord can prohibit you to put a lock chain on there rental property they can also prohibit you from replacing your locks if the rental property as well now if you ...
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