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Are outward facing security cameras’ footage on the outside of ambassadorial missions subject to subject access rights?

The cameras point outside toward the road but feed into storage systems within the sovereign diplomatic mission. They are not within the 'sovereign diplomatic mission' but within the inviolable ...
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Is scraping an iCal link legal?

Update on university pov: They say opening their website in an embedded browser is not allowed They say scraping is not allowed The problem is: Opens an embedded web browser (in app) and goes to ...
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Is scraping an iCal link legal?

I am not sure I understand exactly who uses your app in what circumstances but note that processing is lawful under article 6 if it is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data ...
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Is scraping an iCal link legal?

Even without being a GDPR expert by any stretch, I'd immediately assume that what you're doing at least violates GDPR, personally, simply by gaining direct access to individual student accounts within ...
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Is scraping an iCal link legal?

Reading public data on the internet is not illegal. They published it for exactly that reason. So people would take an app and show them those fancy bytes in a way a human can understand them. Even if ...
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Is scraping an iCal link legal?

'randomgeneratedID' is personal identification If randomgeneratedID is unique to each student. Which it surely is.
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Is it reasonable for a data controller to require proof of one’s address before honouring a subject’s right of access

england-and-wales It depends. Article 12(6) GDPR says: Without prejudice to Article 11, where the controller has reasonable doubts concerning the identity of the natural person making the request ...
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Wat are the benfits of Temporal Tables for GDPR Compliance?

I am a software developer with some basic knowledge of the GDPR. I asked Chat GPT what the benefits are of temporal tables in SQL Server for GDPR Compliance. Why? Sounds like a bad idea to start. Is ...
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