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Under Swedish copyright law, a work such as a movie is protected for 70 years after the death of the "creator". It is unclear who the copyright holder is, but it has not been 70 years since the film was made. Unless it was explicitly "released into the public domain", it is still protected, so you can get sued.


No. The bill was passed by the national legislature, and its laws will therefore be enforced by federal agencies, such as the Bureau of Immigration. These agencies are controlled by the federal executive, the Union Council of Ministers. In the case of the Bureau of Immigration, they would report to the Minister for Home Affairs. In order for a state Chief ...


It is not clear what Vijayan, Banerjee and Singh intend to do to "not implement" the law. One part of the bill adds a paragraph 6B. (1) The Central Government or an authority specified by it in this behalf may... grant a certificate of registration These states may decide to not cooperate. This would be analogous to US jurisdictions refusing to ...


India is a quasi-federation Powers are split between the state and national government as detailed in the constitution. India is a halfway point between full federations (e.g. USA, Australia) and unitary nations (e.g. France, Austria) - it still has sovereign states like a federation but the national government has much more power to intervene. ...

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