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OpenAI employees' move to Microsoft: Non-compete regulations?

Non-compete clauses are not enforceable in California unless it in conjunction with the purchase of a business. This has been true for a very long time. On top of that, this year (2023) a law was ...
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Is it plagiarism to exchange video-editing techniques?

First, plagiarism is taking claiming some intellectual work as your own without giving proper attribution (there are other optional social rules regarding plagiarism which we don't need to get into). ...
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Is it plagiarism to exchange video-editing techniques?

Plagiarism is not a legal issue Plagiarism is a type of academic misconduct where a person passes off another persons work as their own or uses another’s work without appropriate citation. It is not ...
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Web scraping of an online dictionary

Depends on which jurisdiction you are in. Operating this scraper and using the resulting data set could be a violation of copyright laws in some countries. The copyright status of databases like a ...
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In U.S. is there any IP concern when my own company pays expenses for prototype development?

To this part of the question "If so, is it necessary or advisable to get something in writing from the company or person B?" Yes.
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Is a non-exclusive and revocable license valid consideration for a legal agreement/contract?

Yes You get to use something together with everyone else who buys a license until someone calls it off. That is more than a peppercorn, thus it is a valid consideration.
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