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Would it be legal to credit an original song to “traditional”?

A copyright owner can use a pseudonym For example, who can forget the masterpiece of dystopia, 1984, written by Eric Arthur Blair. If you want to attribute your work to “traditional”, you are free to ...
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Should I pay copyright for referencing/citing published work in a paid service?

Citations and references and hyperlinks are not themselves copyright violations. Scientific principles and laws and knowledge are also not protected by copyright. Copyright protects a particular ...
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How come a SAD Scheme is not litigation misconduct in the first place?

Maybe it's abusive, maybe it's not. But it's important to note that although Schedule A may initially be sealed, that doesn't mean that any defendants are going to pay anything without notice. If a ...
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restoration of motion pictures

As most legislations see it, you have not produced a new product. You must have a license from the original copyright holder and your product would include information that you have the license. Then ...
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What is considered 'Property' in the constitutional Right to Property in India?

How exactly does the Constitution of India define 'Property'? The short answer is that it doesn't. This definition has been left to the courts of India that are forced to interpret the Constitution ...
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Does secretly storing copies of video games until they enter public domain violate IP or contracts?

You ask: If I were to store copies of video games that would be kept secret until the video games entered the public domain (that would happen after 95 years after release under most cases), would ...
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