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How Can This Book Published in 2005 be in the Public Domain?

The title page of the Internet Archive asserts that the book was published by Marian Press, and the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception assert copyright: ...
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What counts as a ‘third party’ in the context of libel?

B is correct. A has published the statement to the chat room provider. B will still likely lose the case. Although the defamatory statements were published to the service provider, the service ...
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Is there a legal distinction between “phishing” and “simulated phishing”?

The law says Whoever knowingly, with the intent to carry on any activity which would be a Federal or State crime of fraud or identity theft Which is a pretty clear distinction. More importantly, law ...
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What counts as a ‘third party’ in the context of libel?

england-and-wales The question's scenario says each person A and B makes claims about who can or can't see the statement. The scenario does not explicitly state who is right. This is why Jen commented ...
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Texas HB 1181: How does jurisdiction work?

A news report on the law in question is here. The final bill text is here. The legal standard for long arm jurisdiction in civil cases in this kind of situation, is purposeful availment of the laws of ...
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What counts as a ‘third party’ in the context of libel?

A statement is published for defamation law when it is sent by the defamer and understood by a third party If I say something nasty about you in a rowdy football crowd and you can’t find someone there,...
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