The PressGazette has a brief but illuminating article which gives information on : ...over 64 journalists arrested in the UK between April 2011 and October 2014) including 25 former News of the World journalists and 25 from the Sun. The majority of these were for unlawfully intercepting communications, intercepting mobile phone voicemail messages without ...


What, if anything, legally constitutes "giving in confidentiality" a letter of correspondence penned by a foreign official, to someone else, by the President of the United States? Can such a thing simply be claimed by the President on a whim, or does it have to be in writing (say a "CONFIDENTIAL" stamp) on the letter in order to have legal force if ...


United States v Ivanov appears to be directly relevant The fact that a person is, or claims to be as in Assange’s situation, a journalist does not give them the right to ignore the law. It is against US law to gain (or conspire to gain) unauthorised access to a protected computer system.

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