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It first of all depends on what the laws of the specific state say. For example, Ohio is a state said to have such a law, but that law, ORC 2919.21 is more generally about the crime of non-support. So in fact, (A) No person shall abandon, or fail to provide adequate support to:...(3) The person's aged or infirm parent or adoptive parent, who from lack of ...


A country can assert jurisdiction irrespective of whether or not they can practically enforce it or whether that assertion is accepted or contested by other countries.


Are there any legal terms which can make it clear that such questions are about the "outside of reach" rather than "outside of claim of reach" situations? Enforceability Laws that claim but cannot reach lack enforceability. Note that enforceability is case-specific and subjective. The US may or may not be able to reach out to those it ...

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